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Windle International's Christmas Campaign

Over the festive season we'll be working tirelessly to support young women and girls who are struggling. Some of them have had their lives disrupted by conflict, others are marginalised within their communities. All of them need your help this Christmas. 

Your gift could mean an education for young girls and the chance for a brighter future. It could help more women take up teaching as a profession, supporting their families and becoming important role models for young girls. 

What’s more, if you make a donation to our Big Give Christmas Challenge campaign, it will be doubled from 30 November until 7 December 2021!

Gender equality in education

Around the world, over 130 million girls are out of school. Conflict drastically reduces opportunities for girls to continue their education. Girls in conflict-affected areas are 90% more likely to be out of secondary school than those living in areas without violence. 

Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak in Africa, girls have struggled significantly to access education. This has been caused by many factors, including increased childcare responsibilities and household chores, while male peers were able to continue their studies from home. For example, in South Sudan, our member Windle Trust International reported that the number of girls enrolled in primary and secondary schools decreased by 84% when schools reopened after the national lockdown.

Girls transform society

But investing in girls' education will change the world.

When girls are educated, everyone benefits. Educated girls mean stronger economies, fairer societies and more resilient communities. They are better able to make decisions for themselves and their families and take part more meaningfully in conversations that affect them. Educating girls leads to more peaceful and equitable societies, where boys, girls, men and women can reach their true potential.

Your impact doubled

Every year Windle International helps over a million refugees, people who have been affected by conflict, and those who have been marginalised in society to access quality education and training. With your support this year, we'll be able to intensify our work and help even more women and girls. 

The money we raise during the campaign will be invested in girls’ education, both through scholarships for girls and through advocacy with communities, governments and partners, to ensure that girls throughout eastern Africa have access to safe and good quality educational opportunities. Your gift will help provide girls with training in skill areas such as IT, water engineering, teaching and the health sector.

Our campaign will be live here from 30 November.

Thank You!