Windle International Somalia has been implementing the DAFI programme on behalf of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees since early 2021. Muna Ahmed is one of the scholars being supported through the programme. Here's her story.

Muna Ahmed was born in Mukkalah, Yemen, in 1992, the second child in a family of four. She successfully

 completed her primary and secondary education in Taizz. But when civil war broke out, her family was forced to flee and seek sanctuary in Somalia as refugees in 2016. With support from the UNHCR, the family settled in Bosaso.

Despite the upheaval, Muna was determined to continue her education. Her family

 used what little savings they had to enrol her in the East Africa University Campus in Bosaso in 2017. 

Her commitment to education paid off, and in September 2019, Muna was awarded the DAFI (Albert Einstein Academic Refugee Initiative) scholarship, which is now implemented by Windle International Somalia on behalf of UNHCR.

Today, Muna is pursuing a Bachelor's Defree in Medical Laboratory in the faculty of Medicine and Health Science, and is set to graduate early next year. She believes that being a refugee is not a permanent situation, and that all refugees have dreams and talents that need to be nurtured; all they need are opportunities: 

I am on my way towards achieving my dreams. There are many other refugees like me with dreams and aspirations, and all they need is a chance to actualise and achieve them.

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