The purpose of our Global Finance Policy and Procedures Manual is to set out the policies and requirements that provide a framework for the management of financial resources across Windle. These policies and procedures not only draw on our own experience but they are also designed to be consistent with the requirements of the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

It provides guidance to management and staff at all levels in Windle, as well as to auditors and other stakeholders. It describes the structure of financial management policies within which the rules and regulations of financial management, reporting, financial control and annual audit for each Windle entity are established.

The International Council and the CEO of Windle International, supported by the Executive Directors Forum and the International Secretariat, as well as local Trustee Boards, have the responsibility to ensure that the financial affairs of Windle are conducted in a well-regulated and standardised environment. The manual provides an agreed policy framework but does not seek to describe all our internal rules or procedures and should be read in conjunction with the contracts or agreements entered into with our donors and implementing partners and the local Finance Manuals applicable to each Windle office.

Click here to download the Global Finance Policy and Procedures Manual.