The impact of Covid-19 on education is a huge concern for Windle International Somalia. As across the world, the pandemic has affected learning and forced the closure of learning institutions across the country, including schools and universities, since March 18th, 2020. In Kismayo where Windle delivers its Basic Education Programme, Windle was able to support students to undertake their National Exams safely, thanks to our supporters. 

We were able to support Covid-19 precautions during exams in the following ways:

  • Procuring Ministry of Health approved, locally made, reusable face masks to 2,220 girls and boys and 201 exam invigilators;
  • Distributing leaflets with information and guidelines about how to use the face masks correctly, in Somali and English. 

Thanks to the support, Windle International Somalia students were able to sit their exams and continue their education, despite the disruption of the global pandemic.