An innovative approach to addressing overcrowding in schools that has been championed by Windle is set to be celebrated with high-level delegates from around the world at the UN headquarters in Geneva.

The Promising Practices in Refugee Education initiative shares 18 case studies of best practice and Windle International Kenya’s ‘Two Schools in One’ example is among them. It will be shared at the first ever Global Refugee Forum, as part of the event’s objective to share and learn from good practices all around the world.

Two Schools in One: Management of high enrolment in refugee secondary schools

This approach uses secondary schools in an effective double shift model to accommodate more students. It not only uses existing resources, but better equips schools to ensure student success at secondary level. It has resulted in the increase of enrolment at primary school, too – as students and parents are incentivised to ensure their children attend, knowing that there is a place for them to progress to secondary.

The introduction of the Two Schools In One approach in four secondary schools has doubled the intake from 2,558 to 5,118 students. Click here to read the full story.

The Global Compact on Refugees, agreed by world leaders in 2018, includes the promise that all refugee boys and girls should receive a quality education within a few months of their displacement. This year, the Global Refugee Forum will be the first major opportunity for the international community to work collectively and turn these promises into concrete action. A representative from Windle International will also be attending the Forum.

Refugee hosting states, donors, the private sector, civil society and other education stakeholders are invited to exchange their good practices and announce pledges and contributions that will achieve tangible benefits for refugees and host communities.