We join Mastercard Foundation in recognising the crucial role secondary education will play in ensuring African youth acquire the skills, knowledge, and competencies necessary to succeed in a dynamic and globalised labour market, where trends of digitalization and automation are on the rise.

We welcome the Mastercard Foundation’s new report highlighting the urgency of the need to improve education systems. We’re proud our ‘2 Schools in 1’ double-shifting approach in Dadaab has been included in the report, and joins other promising practices and examples of positive change and sustained progress, by Africans for Africans, contributing to the dialogue on how to ensure Africa benefits from the potential of its growing population of young people.

‘2 Schools in 1’: Expanding Access to Secondary Education in Kenya’s Dadaab Refugee Camp

Kenya’s Dadaab Refugee Camp is one of the five largest refugee camps in the world, home to over 200,000 refugees. Like many schools in the surrounding communities, schools in the camp face high pupil/teacher ratios, underqualified or untrained teachers, poor infrastructure, and a lack of materials. Windle International Kenya operates secondary schools in Dadaab under contract with UNHCR. We initiated double shifts (one cohort of students attending in the morning, and another in the afternoon) to overcome constraints on building more schools within the camp. The introduction of double shifting in four selected secondary schools in Dadaab doubled the intake from 2,558 to 5,118 students.

Read the full report here - https://www.issuelab.org/resources/35972/35972.pdf