The ultimate aim of procurement is to ensure that we add value to the achievement of our mission and providing support for refugees and communities affected by conflict and marginalisation.

Our aim is to procure goods and services in a manner that maximises the value of resources available for our beneficiaries and donors, whilst contributing to our mission. Windle is firmly committed to and has an obligation to ensure best value for money with fairness, integrity, and transparency.

Our procurement process is fundamentally guided by the following principles:

a) Promotion of Windle International’s objectives, and the communities we serve
b) Fairness, integrity and transparency
c) Effective competition
d) Best value for money.

These principles have been developed to ensure that Windle:

  • Delivers high quality programmes within required timelines
  • Is accountable to our beneficiaries and compliant with donor policies and regulations
  • Mitigates the risks relating to fraud and corruption
  • Maintains our good reputation.

Click here to download our Procurement Policy and Procedures Manual.