An important focus for Windle is making sure there is equitable access to education. Our programmes reduce the barriers to education for those most in need, especially girls. By working closely with local communities, partners and other stakeholders, our targeted programmes mean individuals are able to fulfil their potential, whether that's academically or by pursuing skills-based training. 

How we do this

Focusing on Girls' Education

We run a number of projects with several partners focusing on increasing the number of girls going to school, and improving their performance once there. Our interventions increase community support for educating girls, provide additional teaching and learning materials, improve the teacher to student ratio to meet national standards, and offer remedial classes to help girls catch up. We've seen a huge increase in the number of girls transitioning from primary to secondary school thanks to our programmes, like the Kenya Equity in Education Project, and the Girls Education in South Sudan (GESS) programme.

Providing English Language training

English is the official language of instruction in Kenya and Uganda, but many of the children living in the refugee camps and settlements don't have the language skills they need to undertake the national curriculum. Many adults, too, struggle to read and write in English. Across Eastern Africa there is a growing demand for English Language training as it's seen as an essential element of a good education. At the same time, we recognise the cultural and educational importance of the mother tongue and work hard to make sure there is a smooth transition to English as the medium of instruction for all learners. 

Our English Language programme particularly targets young people, women, community leaders, and refugee teaching staff and offers them the skills and certification they need to learn, secure jobs and scholarships, secure livelihoods, access basic services within camps and live harmoniously within multilingual, multicultural societies. we have a huge amount of experience in working with programmes tailored for a diverse range of backgrounds, learners, and in a range of settings and contexts. 

Find out more about the programmes we manage in each country here.