At Windle International we envisage a world in which all children are protected from all forms of harm. The tragic reality is that children around the world still experience violence, abuse and exploitation, despite international treaties and national legislation for their protection. 

The safety and wellbeing of all people across Windle’s operations is of the utmost importance. As members of the international humanitarian and education development community, we take our responsibility to those we support extremely seriously. As passionate advocates for fundamental human rights, we have dedicated measures in place that prevent the abuse of all people, particularly those who fall within our support systems, including women, children, and vulnerable people.

We are aware that  the  opportunities  and  services  provided  through  our programmes can create a power differential between those who are employed by us and (potential)  programme  participants.  We acknowledge that there is  a  risk  for  this  power imbalance to be exploited. We have a comprehensive Global Safeguarding and Protection Framework which has been developed to ensure the maximum protection of programme participants across all countries of operation from exploitation, and to clarify the responsibilities of our staff, volunteers and visitors to the projects and the standards of behaviour expected from them. 

Click here to download the Safeguarding and Protection Global Policy Framework

Click here to download the WI Safeguarding Code of Conduct.