Windle International Somalia works in Kismayo and Afamdow districts, reaching over 5,000 internally-displaced people, refugee returnees, and host community children.

Somalia has around 4.5 million school-age children, more than 3 million of whom are out of school.  Windle International Somalia implements Basic Education Programme in four schools in Kismayo and Afamdow districts. This programme sees us drawing on our huge experience in Kenya and Uganda of making sure there are qualified and well-trained teachers, efficient and effective school administration, learning facilities and textbooks in schools. 

We also work to address the barriers for girls in accessing education, strengthen extra-curricular activities like sports, offer guidance and counselling, and strengthen community participation in education.

In 2021, Windle International Somalia started implementing UNHCR's DAFI Tertiary Scholarship Programme. The DAFI (Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Initiative) scholarship programme offers qualified refugee and returnee students the possibility to earn an undergraduate degree in their country of asylum or home country. Through the dedicated support of the governments of Germany, Denmark and the Czech Republic, UNHCR and private donors, the programme has supported over 18,000 young refugees to undertake tertiary studies since 1992. 

Windle International Somalia is currently overseen by Windle International Kenya. 

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