Windle International Uganda has vast experience of providing education and training for refugee and host communities across the country. 

Our work focuses on four broad areas:

Managing education institutions

Our largest area of activity, this involves administering schools at pre-primary, primary and secondary schools on behalf of UNHCR. From building classrooms, latrines and teacher accommodation, to hiring teachers and providing all the materials children need to learn, we manage every aspect of running schools in 12 refugee settlements. We also run early childhood development centres for children aged 3-5 years, alongside partners Save the Children, World Vision, and others, and offer Accelerated Learning Programmes

Providing Vocational Education

Vocational Education and Training is another important area of our work. To date, we have created two vocational training centres (in Kiryandongo and Nakivale settlements) offering additional training to people in order for them to develop the skills they need to enter the workforce, set up and run their own enterprises. Vocationalizing secondary education is an innovative approach Windle International Uganda has adopted to adapt the current secondary education to benefit refugees and marginalised members of host communities, by mainstreaming vocational skills training in the regular curriculum to bridge this skills gap. 

Offering Community Access to Technology

Being able to access ICT equipment and connectivity is a huge barrier for those living in refugee settlements. We currently run two community technology access centres (in Kiryandongo and Kyangwali) to help young people access ICT information and training, which is key to helping them broaden their education and livelihood opportunities.


Windle has over three decades of experience managing a number of other tertiary-level scholarships. In Uganda, we offer scholarships for people to access education, from primary right up to post-graduate study. We manage programmes funded by our incredible partners, including: the World University Service Student Refugee programme (SRP), launched in August 2019 in Uganda; the Windle Trust International post-graduate scholarship program to universities in the UK; and the UNHCR's DAFI scholarship programme, among others. As such, our staff have a wealth of practical knowledge and experience, as well as specific and technical expertise in critical areas, including university faculty engagement, fee waiver negotiations, students’ welfare in schools and beyond, as well as over 97% completion rates. Students are enrolled in both public and private universities in Uganda and internationally.

Wwith support from UNHCR, Windle International Uganda also offers scholarships to children with special educational needs, orphans and vulnerable children so that they can attend secondary education in settlements, and specialised primary education in special educational needs schools outside of the settlements. 

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