We have a precious heritage thanks to our founder, Dr Hugh Austin Windle Pilkington, whose Christian faith and values underpinned his service to supporting refugees. 

Today, as we build on and take forward Hugh's original vision, we do so with the following values at our core.


We have a deep commitment to supporting all people with respect and compassion. We recognise the diversity of communities and individuals, and work to uphold the dignity of everyone.

Co-operation and impartiality

Our work is rooted in the spirit of co-operation, and we strive to bring all stakeholders together and to create meaningful and equal partnerships, wherever we can. We are impartial in conflict situations and take no sides but focus on enabling communities and individuals to exercise the basic human right of education.

Long-term investment in people and communities for peaceful development

We believe that the people who have been affected by conflict and marginalisation should be the architects of their own future. We focus on and advocate for the long-term investment in education and training for and with individuals and communities, so that they can transform themselves, and their surrounding communities, region and continent, and work towards sustaining peace for the long term.

Equity and Inclusiveness

We never discriminate against anyone on any grounds – religion, race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexuality, disability, age, or political affiliation. We are actively challenging existing inequalities through positive discrimination policies for marginalised groups and individuals.

Accountability and integrity

We strive to achieve the highest possible standards in everything that we do. We have a commitment to organisational learning, by continuing to invest in effective monitoring and evaluation, learning from our mistakes, and building on best practices to improve. We recognise our responsibility to be accountable to our stakeholders, and we behave in a responsible, efficient, transparent, and honest way.