From our head office in Nairobi and our programme offices in Dadaab and Kakuma refugee camps, Windle International Kenya has been running education support programmes since 1977.

In Kenya, we manage and run secondary schools, including making sure teachers are properly trained, we work hard to address the barriers for girls in accessing education through our KEEP programme, we run English Language courses so that all children and young people can understand the Kenyan curriculum (which is delivered in English), and we provide Higher Education scholarships, enabling those who have the ability to excel in their chosen field. We were also part of establishing the celebrated Borderless Higher Education for Refugees programme in Dadaab, enabling students there to undertake degrees from top universities via a mixture of online learning, and face-to-face classes. 

Our work in Kenya focuses on four key areas:

Secondary Education 

Dadaab Refugee Camp is in north-eastern Kenya, close to the border with Somalia, and has a refugee population of almost 350,000. Kakuma Refugee Camp, in the north of the country, has close to 200,000 inhabitants. Windle International Kenya has been successfully managing the secondary schools in both camps, on behalf of UNHCR, for almost two decades. In seven schools in Dadaab and five in Kakuma we make sure that there are qualified and well trained teachers and efficient school administration, appropriate learning facilities and textbooks, and work to address the barriers particularly for girls, in accessing secondary education.  We also make sure that activities such as sports happen regularly, help schools and the local community work together, and provide guidance and counselling to students - many of whom are traumatised from their experiences of experiencing marginalisation and conflict. The programme reaches out to over 15,000 refugee students both in Dadaab and Kakuma.

Over the past five years, we have overseen the increase in the number of girls transitioning from secondary to tertiary level from just 9% to over 35%.

Tertiary Education

Windle has over three decades of experience managing tertiary-level scholarships. In Kenya, we are able to fund a small number ourselves, and we manage programmes funded by our incredible partners, most notably: the World University Service Student Refugee programme (SRP); the Borderless Higher Education for Refugees centre (BHER); the Windle Trust International post-graduate scholarship program to universities in the UK; the DD PURI Foundation scholarship for technical mid-level college training; and the Secondary Education Programme funded by UNHCR, among others. As such, our staff have a wealth of practical knowledge and experience, as well as specific and technical expertise in critical areas, including university faculty engagement, fee waiver negotiations, students’ welfare in schools and beyond, as well as over 97% completion rates. Students are enrolled in both public and private universities in Kenya and internationally.

We have overseen the increase in the number of girls transitioning from secondary to tertiary level, from just 9% to over 35% over the past five years.

Girls' Education

In Kenya we run a number of projects with several partners focusing on increasing the number of girls going to school, and improving their performance once there. In both Kakuma and Dadaab refugee camps our programmes increase community support for educating girls, provide additional teaching and learning materials, improve the teacher to student ratio to meet national standards, and offer remedial classes to help girls catch up. We've seen a huge increase in the number of girls transitioning from primary to secondary school thanks to our interventions. 

English Language

English is the official language of instruction in Kenya, but many of the children living in the refugee camps don't have the language skills they need to undertake the national curriculum. Many adults, too, struggle to read and write in English. Our English Language programme particularly targets young people, women, community leaders, and refugee teaching staff and offers them the skills and certification they need to learn, secure jobs and scholarships, secure livelihoods, access basic services within camps and live harmoniously within multilingual, multicultural societies. 

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